Important Note: Technical Session will start after Lunch on 20th February and ends before Lunch on 22nd February. All participants need to check out on the same day after Lunch for their respective destinations.

Speakers IGP Sustainability Conference ( IIT Indore) 2023

   Prof. Burkhard König
(University of Regensburg, Germany)

 Prof.Michael Schmittel
(GH Siegen University, Germany)

  Prof.  Subrata Ghosh

(IACS Kolkata, India )

Dr. Eric Doris
(Frederic Joliot Institute,CEA,France)

Prof. Oliver Reiser
(University of Regensburg, Germany)

Prof. I Namboothiri
(Ashoka University,India)

 Prof. Malte Brasholz
(University of Rostock, Germany)

Prof. D Srinivasa Reddy
(Director at CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad)

Prof. Yujiro Hayasi
(Tohuku University,Japan)

Prof. D. Horinek
(University of Rostock, Germany)

 Prof. Akhilesh K. Verma)
(University of Delhi, India)

Prof. T Punniyamurthy

(IIT Guwahati,India)

Prof. Manas Ghorai
(IIT Kanpur, India)

 Dr. Biplab Maji
(IISER Kolkata, India)

 Prof. G Sekhar
(IIT Madras,India)

Prof. Amitava Das

(IISER Kolkata,India)

Prof. H Ila
(JNCASR India)

 Dr. Gouriprassana Roy
(IIT Tirupati, India)

 Prof. Sanjay Batra

Prof. Niranjan Panda

(NIT Rourkela,India)

 Dr. Namrata Rastogi
(CDRI, India)

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